PH Racing is an offshore sailing team that supports sailor Paddy Hutchings, aiming to complete his goals of competing in the worlds biggest offshore races while promoting an ever important sustainability message.



Born in Plymouth, Paddy grew up around the sea and started sailing at the age of 10. From then, he has developed a huge passion for the sport, going on to represent GB in multiple classes at National, European and World level, winning numerous National and European championships.

However, Paddy has always been drawn to the offshore side of sailing and working within the IMOCA and Figaro circuits for the last few years has given him the experience to run his own successful campaign. After Successful campaigns working with Pip Hare and Boris Herman in their incredible 2020 Vendee Globe races, it is now time to take on the next challenge, the legendary Solitare Du Figaro.

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In 2022, Paddy hopes to take on the iconic Solitare Du Figaro, the legendary solo race that takes place in France, stop to stop around different stretches of coastline, which is dubbed the Unofficial World championship of solo yacht racing. 

The Solitare is at the pinnacle of Solo Sailing, with the worlds biggest names racing each year. For example, 2016 Vendee Globe Winner, Armel Le'Cleach, won the overall series last year. The format provides a great training ground for young sailors to develop their ocean racing skills to be able to step up to the next level. The perfect place for Paddy to be racing.


Single Handed


4 Stages


2000 Miles



SolItare Du figaro


At PH Racing, we have the opportunity to use our platform to promote a cause that is extremely important to us. #Sail4Sustainability is a project launched by Paddy to help educate and raise awareness towards plastic pollution in the ocean. 

We hope to use our platform to reach two main targets within our sustainability mission. Firstly, we want to discuss with businesses within the Marine industry about the products they supply and how plastic can be reduced for both sustainable sailing and safer oceans. 

Our second target is to enhance the education of young people, helping them better understand how plastic affects the ocean and preventative measures that they can put into place to support this mission and strive for sustainability as a whole. We hope to use the boat within this campaign to inspire young people, allowing them to experience the ocean's greatness and why it needs to be kept clean.



The Beneteau Figaro 3 was designed with solo sailing in mind. Taking over from the massively successful Figaro 2, the new boat now has foils, which has increased top end speeds, making it one of the fastest offshore boats for its size. 

The choice of the Classe Figaro to adopt this boat means that all the competitors race equally, with strict measures put in place to ensure all the boats adopt matching designs. In addition, there are strict rules on the data you receive when racing, unable to receive external input such as phones and other modes of communication. 


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Gill have supported PH Racing since 2018 and provide technical apparel designed and engineered for the perfect balance of performance and protection on or around water.